Hey! I just wanted to welcome you to the MILBIZ website. This is where you will find the educational tools and inspiration to get you on the way to building your business.

I’m constantly publishing new podcasts and articles.  So, before you get lost in all of the content, here is the best way to get started.

1. Listen a podcast.

There a ton of great people in our community that are doing amazing things and so I want you to dive right in and check them all out. I’m going to recommend you start with a subject that I think is really important when building a business. I’m talking about BRANDING. Branding is more than just a logo and color combinations. Branding is all about defining the identity of your business and shapes the direction that you will take it in the future. Kaye Putnam is a military spouse and a Branding expert. Listen to her episode to get you started on building a solid brand. Listen Here:

 2. Subscribe in iTunes and Stitcher

You have heard an episode and hopefully it has you excited about the great people and ideas that will be on the show. I publish a new episode every MILBIZ Monday. Have these brought to you instantly with a subscription:

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I post every episode and blog post, as well as other military business related articles, are available for your Facebook and Twitter. Keep up to date by connecting with us on social media.

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4. Join the Business Battle Buddies Community

Everybody needs a place to come together with like minded people and our Business Battle Buddies Facebook group is just such a place. We have a bunch of active-duty service members, military spouses and veterans that are doing amazing things. If you need some inspiration, advice and support to get you on the path to success, this is the community for you.

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5. Get the tools to get you started

One of the big challenges in getting started is how to sift through all the information and tools available on-line. I have put together a list of my favorite free tools and how I use them in a handy downloadable format. You can get that download here.

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6. Thank you!

I know this is a lot of information, but my goal is to help you to be successful on your journey, because this is the journey that I am on as well. All of the things I build and provide are focused on helping you seize the initiative to be in charge of your transition. Whether you are a military spouse deciding how to transition careers to a new duty station, a service member looking to transition out of the military, or a veteran that is already out of the military, but want to transition to something that excites you more than your current work, I think business can be a way to do that.  Let me know what you think about everything thorugh facebook, twitter or email me at I can’t wait to hear from you!



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