Thankyou for your interest in sponsoring The MILBIZ Show Podcast!

After many months on the air, I can’t tell you what a great experience it has been to host a show like this and connect with the amazing men and women in our military community. After building up a dedicated group of listeners that download and listen to each episode many thousands of time per month, we are opening the show up to sponsorship.

Here are some key reasons why sponsoring a podcast is a great way to advertise your company or service.

People Choose to listen to Podcasts

Podcasts connect with people in a more intimate way than traditional ways of advertising. The listeners of The MILBIZ Show choose to listen to this show over the many other thousands of podcasts available. They know the value of the show and listen to episodes that average of 40 mins every week. In today’s world, how many marketing channels are available that can hold someones attention that long?

Podcasts are available everywhere and anywhere

Not only do people choose to listen to The MILBIZ Show, they listen to it anywhere, anytime and through any device. Unlike TV or radio advertising spots that are only available through a specific channel at a specific time, podcasts can be downloaded and listened to while driving, at work, while running or even while walking the dog. People can listen through their phones, computers or car stereos and they can listen to episodes whether it is 10 am or 10pm. The bottom line is that the listener has complete freedom to enjoy episodes when it suites them.

Podcasts have a specific audience

Unlike like other types of advertising that are aimed at as many people as possible, podcast sponsorship lets you target a specific group of people, people that are more likely to buy and use your product. For The MILBIZ Show, the listeners are service men and women, military spouses and recently transitioned veterans that have some disposable income, are interested in starting or running a business and technologically savvy.

Podcasts are evergreen

One of the benefits of sponsoring a podcast like The MILBIZ Show is that we are growing and New Listeners continue to find the show daily. New listeners, months from now, will likely go back and listen to all the old episodes to grab the great content available and will hear your spot. How many other places can you advertise and get that kind of exposure over and extended period of time ?

By now, I’m sure you are excited! Just fill out the form below and I can’t wait to connect with you!



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