RucksackEveryone needs some tools worthy of throwing in their “kit bag.”  Here are some of mine.

Starting a business or a non-profit requires balancing a lot of different requirements and using many different resources.  There are literally thousands of websites, applications, books and other resources to choose from.

The problem for most of us is that there is just way too much information available and starting your project can be strangled by analysis paralysis.  There is always one more thing to read, or another product that you can compare, and without a guide your valuable time is easily wasted.

Below is a list of tools that I use on a regular basis, or that have been recommended by other military entrepreneurs.  As I learn more and get recommendations from other entrepreneurs, I will add to this pool. 

If you have any questions about any of these resources, drop me a line at, or through social media @MILBIZ or Facebook


Domain Name:

  • Godaddy – Very easy to use, all you do is enter an idea you have for the website name (like MILBIZ), and it will tell you if you can purchase it or not.
  • Panabee – Just type two words that describe your idea and it will create a list of many different potential domain names based on your description and let you know if they are available.
  • Namechk – You want more than just a domain name for your business, you want the facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.  Just type in your name and it will let you know the availability of that name in over 150 social networks.


  • Fizzle – Training from experts you trust + vital community. Create an online business you’re proud of.
  • Podcasts – I love podcasts.  I can listen and learn which working on other things. Besides MILBIZ, here are some of my favorites.  You can listen to them through the iTunes store or Stitcher radio (my favorite).
    • The Fizzle Show – Honest online business training.  These guys are experienced, knowledgable and funny.
    • Entrepreneur On Fire – A top business podcast hosted by a fellow veteran, John Lee Dumas.  In 30 minutes (just the right time to listen to on the way to work) he takes you through the journey on an entrepreneur.
    • Solopreneur Hour – An hour of entertaining content focused on lively conversations, candid insights, & bold advice for people who are primed for real prosperity and fulfillment.
    • Command Your Business – Inspirational stories by servicemen and women who have started their own business
    • In the Trenches – Hosted by fellow veteran, Tom Morkes, focused on supporting creative endeavors.

Website Hosting:

  • Hostgator – It took about 5 minutes to put my domain name up on this server.  They gave me easy to follow directions and even set up my business email accounts.

Website Design:

  • WordPress – This is the standard for small business website platforms.  This is the system that manages everything related to your website.   If you are a small business owner or blogger, your website can operate on this platform.
  • Woothemes – I built this website using the canvas template from Woothemes which is a framework that operates on top of the wordpress platform.  The themes are easy to set up and customize in order to give you the look you want.


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