MILBIZ is an audio podcast by an active duty service member on a MISSION to empower entrepreneurs in our military community through training, resources and by sharing the inspiring stories of successful service-members, veterans and spouses (just like you!) who have started their own successful businesses.


Too many service members and spouses struggle to find meaningful work outside and after the military.

Constant moves, continually changing jobs and the difficulty of capturing the military experience on a resume can make finding a job challenging.

The current environment compounds this challenge through a struggling economy, a downsizing military and high unemployment for veterans and spouses.

At the time of this podcast launch, unemployment for Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan was 9% and unemployment for spouses was 26%.

Now, more than ever, service members and spouses should consider entrepreneurship.  Building a small business enables founders to create the meaningful work that matches their lifestyle.  With planning and preparation, you can create a business that gives you the purpose, flexibility, and income that you want instead of merely taking what is available on the job market. If this sounds like you, if you want to learn how to design, launch, and build your own business, then MILBIZ is for you. Join the community by doing these three things:

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3. Leave a note in the comments or email Damian at damian@milbiz.com.

Serve hard, live well, and drive on.

A Little about me:


Hi, I’m Damian.  I am a soldier, a spouse, and a future entrepreneur.I say “future,” because I am still in the military, just like a lot of you out there.  I love being a soldier, but I will not be one forever.

I believe that starting a business is something that service members and spouses need to seriously consider as they look at their options.

Currently I am serving at Fort Leavenworth, where I live with my wife, Dervan (who is also serving on active duty) and our four legged children (PJ, Sam, Maddy and Henry).


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