MB028: Finding Opportunities in Everything You Do with my dad, MAJ Retired Dr. Charles Wayne McMenamy

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In this episode we talk about how opportunities to excel and learn are available all around you with my dad, MAJ Retired Dr. Charles Wayne McMenamy.

MB028- Finding Opportunities to Learn in Everything You Do (1)

The Pre-Brief: Our guest today is my Dad, Charles Wayne McMenamy. As a veteran of the US Army and the war in Vietnam, he went on to excel in the world of business and city management before opening up his own business in Las Vegas, Unicorn Health Services. He is someone that has inspired me both professionally and entrepreneurially and I know that he can do the same for you.


  • Charles’ Connection to the Military Community: My dad got started in his first semester of college, but felt the desire to get started in his military career. He started out in missile testing, rose to the rank of Sergeant before going to Officer Candidate School, and went right in to a new field in the military, Special Forces.
  • After a tour in Vietnam and small stint MIA, he went on to teach at the US Army artillery school before being assigned to the 101st Division where he started a rifle company from scratch, the Delta Raiders.
  • The Raiders name was a rallying cry born from the time that the company spent doing midnight acquisitions to gather the supplies to build the company from scratch, I mean SCRATCH!! The Delta Raiders would go on to be one of the most decorated companies in Vietnam and one of only two companies to have two Medal of Honor recipients.
  • After a successful company command, he went off to become an aviator and returned to Vietnam where he provided aerial support to the soldiers on the ground.
  • Next, he went off to the University of Nebraska and a degree in Engineering where he found that the military work ethic and drive served him well. He applied his engineering skills to develop a command and control system for NATO in his next job in Europe.
  • After retiring, he transitioned to the civilian life in Australia and worked with the Australian Railways, as a city manager for Salisbury, then a large multi-national corporation, G & R Wills. Finally, after returning to the US, he built his own business in Las Vegas, UNICORN Health Services.
  • Lessons from his past military life are:
    • There is no such thing as a generic resume. Resumes need to be tailored to the job that you want. As a military member, there is a belief that your drive will demonstrate your capabilities, but if you do not get the job, then you will not have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills.
    • Once you establish your credibility outside of the military, then you need to look for other jobs that match your skills and not just the jobs that match your experience. Your drive will lead to success, so find the opportunities to demonstrate those skills.
    • While spending time at home raising four kids under the age of three, he made sure to write for professional publications to keep his name out there. By doing this, when you return the work force, you have maintained your credibility.
    • Without any formal medical training, he used his military background to start a medical company that utilized his understanding of planning, operations management, and the efficient use of resources, skills that a lot of military members have, but don’t realize are truly assets in the business world.

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