MB026: Finding My Tribe at the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum

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In this episode, I get to talk to you about going to my very first conference and all the amazing things that people in our community are doing.


Finding my Tribe at the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum 2014Highlights:

  • The conference was truly one of the most amazing experiences in my military career. Going to a conference is one of the best ways to help accelerate your business for three reasons.
    • First, it is a great place to learn. Conferences are full of great speakers that share their experiences, knowledge and skills. You can take their lessons and apply it to your own business.
    • Second, it is a place to network. Networking lets you find customers, see what competitors are doing, and make connections with people that can help you grow your business.
    • Third, it is a place to make friends. This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely at times. We spend so much time nose down on the grind stone that we don’t have a lot of time to make new friends, and if we wanted to make new friends, it’s hard to find them. Conferences bring together a lot of people just like you that you can connect with and identify with. These people are your TRIBE, where you and your thoughts have a home. Relationships you build with people, real relationships will be among the best takeaways from a conference.
  • Here is a list of just some of the innovative people that made Defense Entrepreneurs Forum such an amazing experience.

DEF is an independent group of emerging defense leaders that strive to solve national security problems from the bottom-up by exposing Defense professionals to the techniques and experiences of civilian innovators and social entrepreneurs. http://defenseentrepreneurs.org/

Rumi Spice provides high-quality, sustainably farmed saffron to US consumers by sourcing directly from rural Afghan farmers in an economic partnership. We reinvest our profits to build the agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure necessary to lay a foundation for peace and prosperity. rumispice.com

The Bunker targets existing veteran-owned tech startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to come, create, and conquer the business world through their ideas, hard work, and strategy. http://bunkerincubator.com/

The Syria Airlift Project seeks to end the use of mass starvation and medical deprivation as weapons of war. Our team is exploring creative, paradigm-changing ways to deliver humanitarian aid in conflict zones inaccessible to traditional aid organizations. http://syriaairlift.org/

Company Command is company commanders, a grass-roots voluntary forum that is by and for the profession with a specific, laser-beam focus on a company-level command. http://companycommand.army.mil/

The CIMSEC’s mission is to build a global community of professionals, academics, and forward thinkers from a variety of fields who wish to further international maritime peace and security through an exchange of ideas and the rigor of critical thought and writing. cimsec.org

CollegeRecon, programmed by veterans for veterans, provides our nation’s vets, active-duty service members, and their families, free-of-charge, with a web-based college-matching tool. collegerecon.com

War on the Rocks is a platform for analysis, commentary, debate and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens. http://warontherocks.com/about/


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