MB023: Blending Entertainment with Education Through Games with Jonny Coreson from Pillar Games.

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In this episode we talk about amazing Alaska, making education fun, and building a video game with Jonny Coreson.

MB023 - Jonny Coreson from Pillar Games


The Pre-Brief: Our guest today is Jonny Coreson. Jonny is an Active Duty Sailor and Video Game Designer. He and a team of other sailors have built a company, pillar games that seeks to blend education with entertainment, and one of their first games is coming out soon, Quiz Hero and we will get into all of that and what it is like to be going through a launch.


  • Jonny’s Connection to the Military Community: Jonny had aspirations for the Naval Academy, but since he lived in Alaska, his closest place to find out more about the navy was his local Navy reruiting officer. Though he didn’t go to the Naval Academy, he did join the
  • Business idea: While preparing for an assessment test to become Fleet Marine Force qualified, Jonny decided to make a game of it. He created flash cards with points associated with them. If he answered right, he got the points, if he didn’t, he lost the point. The goal was to get a high score each studying session. After successfully passing the test, lightning struck and he was inspired to build a game that would blend education with fun.
  • First Steps: Jonny’s first idea was to develop a role-playing board game inspired by his flash cards called Quiz Hero. Players make their way through the game by answering questions inspired by school subjects. The problem was that multiple subjects, like English, math and science, required different flash cards. That is when Jonny realized that Hero Quest needed to be a video game.
  • Answers for the BIG 5
    • One thing to learn: Learn your passion
    • One action to take now: Take the next step. Entrepreneurship is a series of steps to get you where you need to go.
    • Favorite book: Hooked: How to build Habit-Forming Products
    • Favorite Resource: google.com anything you need to know is available on the Google.
    • One thing to enjoy outside of work: Unplug, go to the beach, go for a hike and reflect on everything going in your life.

How to reach Jonny.


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