MB022: Learning from Others, applying the Entrepreneurial Art and Building a Website

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In this episode, I talk about how to use other people’s experience to learn without having to make the same mistakes, the art of being an entrepreneur and the basics of building a website.

MB022 - Entrepreneurial Art and Building a Website

The Pre-Brief: No pre-brief, this is my second solo episode. 22 episodes in and it is nice to have you to myself for a bit and share some of my thoughts on this journey!


  • On learning from other people’s experience
    • I just came back from a staff ride in Vicksburg, MS and had the opportunity to walk in the steps of civil war generals like Grant, Sherman, Pemberton, and Johnston.
    • The point of a Staff Ride is to learn about the how they did what they did and most importantly, why they did what they did. Not in the large sense of slavery and reuniting the union, but why Did Grant choose to cross the Mississippi where he did, what were the things he knew or didn’t know and how did he deal with that uncertainty.
    • This crosses over to business – Getting started you are going to make mistakes as you build your knowledge and experience. But understand how to leverage the experiences of others to increase you capability without having to make the same mistakes. I’m talking about leveraging books, conversations or groups ( https://mibiz.com/group ) – and go beyond the what and how. What and how will teach you tactics, but they are meaningless without the context and purpose that a question that begins with Why will get you.
  • Entrepreneurial Art.
    • In school, we talk about Operational Art – which in its simplest terms is how you take what you have (Means) to accomplish your strategic goals (Ends).
    • Decide what you are trying to accomplish – what do you want the end state to look like. Is this a hobby, something to bring some see money in, learning experience or are you building something you will do full-time. What does that make your life look like? Do you want location independence, deep roots in a community, the ability to cover some bills, or anything else. These are your
    • Next, look at what means you have available to do that. I am talking about finances, time, skills, location, experience, passion, access, and physical resources. All of these things make up the Means that will enable you to reach your end state
    • Then the Art, in the military we call this the operational art, is blending of those means to develop the way or ways to let you reach your end state given the environment that your are operating in.
  • All In One Offers. Companies will do all four of these things for you for a monthly fee. The pros are that you don’t need to go through all these steps and you get great customer support. The Cons are that you have a little less flexibility because you are somewhat limited to the offered designs and it can be difficult to move your site if you decide to use another service.


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