Title: MB020: Challenging the Way You Think About Your Business with Alana Le

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In this episode, we talk about the many rainy days in Seattle, learning to challenge yourself in your business, and building a community with Alana Le.

MB020 - Alana Le from Power Hour


The Pre-Brief: Our guest today is Alana Le. Alana is a military spouse and a marketing consultant. As a marketing consultant, her mission is to help small businesses reach more customers with less investment through content marketing. In addition, she is the founder of Power Hour. Power Hour is a free weekly meeting with a mission to train, encourage, and empower military spouse entrepreneurs.


  • Alana’s Connection to the Military Community:  Alana was working in the Philippines when she started dating her husband who was in the Philippines on a short-term deployment. She then went on to move to Seattle, the same place that her husband is stationed, and began her entrepreneurial journey.
  • Business idea: While working for various startups in the Philippines, Alana learned to market on a small budget and found a passion for content marketing. It was with that passion that Alana started her company when she moved to Seattle. This first step into entrepreneurship was the basis for starting Power Hour.
  • First Steps: Alana started her content marketing company by first testing her concept with a family member that was a real estate agent. Alana helped build a website, create a content publishing schedule and emplaced the social media plan to help her family member be successful. That success validated her idea for when she would officially launch her company.
  • Highlight: While her husband was deployed, Alana and another military spouse that was an entrepreneur decided to make a habit of meeting together once a week at Starbucks. In these meetings, they would challenge each other and keep each other accountable. This weekly meeting grew and grew until Power Hour is what it is today.
  • Quote: Alana Le – “If the board fired us today and replaced us with a new CEO, what would be the first thing that the new CEO would do?”
  • Answers for the BIG 5
    • One thing to learn:  Take the time to listen your audience
    • One action to take now: Start creating content. If you have an idea, just start drafting it and getting to work on it. If you inspiration, look at your competitors.
    • Favorite book: Getting Real by 27 Signals
    • Favorite Resource:Use Asana to organize your content.
    • One thing to enjoy outside of work: Cook real food! When you eat well, you feel well and think well.

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