MB015: Designing games that bring people together with Patrick “Warden” Lysaght

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In this episode we talk about the development process, the importance of getting feedback and how board games bring families together with Patrick “Warden” Lysaght.


The Pre-Brief: Our guest today is Patrick “Warden” Lysaght. Warden is a current Air Force officer and F-16 pilot. He is also fellow student in my small group here at the School of Advanced Military studies at Fort Leavenworth. As a side project he is a board game designer and just signed a contract to have his first game published “Glory and Riches” which will come out on Kickstarter in September or October.

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  • Warden’s path to service: Warden came from an Air Force family and always wanted to fly. He chose to fly an F-16, which is a unique platform in that it is multi-role, operating against threats in the air and on the ground.
  • Business idea: In Thanksgiving 2012, Warden identified a problem with playing games with his family. His family fell into two camps, half of them wanted to enjoy competition and the other half wanted to crush their opponents. With this dynamic, and with no game that would work for both sides, he decided to make his own. The game was a success and Warden identified that it had some potential.
  • First Steps: Warden made minor improvements based on the feedback from his family and then chose to take it to local game stores to playtest. These strangers provided the brutal and honest feedback to help him make the iterative improvements that improved the design to the point that he was ready to find a publisher.
  • The Market:Board games are seeing a large resurgence in the US. The resurgence is tied to a need for busy families to take time to unplug and connect with each other. Board Games are a method for families to do so.
  • Highlight: Warden’s military background gave him the communication skills necessary to pitch his game concept clearly and concisely at his first conference that led to finding his publisher.
  • Quote: “To avoid Criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” –Elbert Hubbard

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