MB004: Dressing for success with Antonio Centeno

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In this episode we talk about going from aviator to infantry, how veterans have the skills to be successful even if they don’t know it, and why clothing matters with Antonio Centeno.


The Pre-Brief : Antonio Centeno is a former Captain in the Marine Corps and the founder of two websites; “A Tailored Suit” a service that sells custom wardrobes and “Real Men, Real Style” which provides men the tools to educate themselves and build the wardrobe that best complements their individual style.


  • A Marine recruiter derailed his path to becoming a doctor
  • Living in the Ukraine and running a non-profit to studying business at University of Texas
  • Transitioning from getting fired to starting a company about clothing and how that relates to how people view you.

 Answers to the Big 5:

  • An action you should take right now: Get started, execute your entrepreneurial vision
  • One skill that aspiring entrepreneurs should commit to learning: Don’t be afraid of technology.  You don’t have to be a techie, but understand the basics
  • Outside of work, what you should enjoy:  Your family – that’s the reason you work hard.  Make time in your schedule.

Other Resources for this episode:

 How to reach the guest.

  • Email: antonio@realmenrealstyle.com
  • Website: RealMenrealstyle.com
  • Twitter: @RMRStyle


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